Public Documents


McKinsey: Knowledge
PDF 07/06 ENG
Knowledge is the lifeblood of all companies. Don’t confuse it with information
McKinsey: SAS
PDF 05/06 ENG
Server virtualization and software as a service
McKinsey: Global Giants
PDF 05/06 ENG
The world's biggest companies are learning to manage complexity
Sand Hill : Choking
PDF 04/06 ENG
Choking on Your Own Success
Spencer&Sturat: 10 Traps
PDF 04/06 ENG
CEO : 10 traps to avoid
McKinsey: Talents
PDF 04/06 ENG
Keep talent people
Sand Hill : Billion
PDF 03/06 ENG
7 gold rules to become a Billion Dollar Company
McKinsey: Boosting CC
PDF 03/06 ENG
IT to boost call-center performance
Sand Hill : 4 Ways
PDF 03/06 ENG
As the value of business open source becomes clear, there are several ways for software vendors to join the game
McKinsey: Sales Force
PDF 03/06 ENG
Building a top consumer goods sales force
Sanh Hill: SW Quality
PDF 03/06 ENG
An analysis of the latest statistics finds new economics, new technologies and newfound restraint will drive software venture investing in 2006
McKinsey:Re-using SW
PDF 03/06 ENG
The next generation of in-house software development
Gartner: CRM Blog
PDF 03/06 ENG
For many, CRM is an easy concept, but a hard reality. As the market consolidates, many people think that CRM is dead – or at least on life support
Sand Hill: BuildingValue
PDF 03/06 ENG
Leaders of young, successful software companies share best practices on innovation, funding, marketing, leading - and getting out of the way
McKinsey: CIO_2006
PDF 03/06 ENG
CIO ICT spending in 2006
Sand Hill: Suite
PDF 02/06 ENG
Reshaping a dotcom startup into an enterprise software powerhouse took focus
Sand Hill: Ice
PDF 02/06 ENG
Icing the Hot Seat
Sand Hill: SW Success
PDF 02/06 ENG
Unveiling the Mystery of Software Development Success
McKinsey: ECI
PDF 01/06 ENG
Executives Confidence Index January 2006
Sand Hill:10 Myths
PDF 02/06 ENG
Software vendors seeking success need to push past the excuses, find differentiation and swallow this dose of business reality.
McKinsey: External
PDF 02/06 ENG
IT organizations can minimize the risks of customer-facing projects by adopting the approach of software product companies.
Sand Hill: SW in 2006
PDF 01/06 ENG
Open Source, Software as a Service, Services-Oriented Architecture, consolidation and other important software business developments.
McKinsey: Long Term
PDF 01/06 ENG
10 Long Term predictions for overall Business
Sand Hill : GrownUp
PDF 01/06 ENG
Growing from Startup to Grownup
McKinsey: ManPower
PDF 01/06 ENG
Interview with Jeff Joerres, CEO of ManPower
Sand Hill: Innovate
PDF 01/06 ENG
The Innovate-Dominate Imperative by Ray Lane, formal Oracle President
Sand Hill: 10 Challenges
PDF 12/05 ENG
SW vendors must ask themselves tough questions about their current operations
PDF 12/05 ENG
The next revolution in interactions
McKinsey:What's next for Big Oil?
PDF 12/05 ENG
Innovative approaches are needed to ensure long-term viability.
Sand Hill :SW Price Revol.
PDF 12/05 ENG
Price revolution means you have to price for value, not for your cost.
McKinsey:Global Survey
PDF 12/05 ENG
Inflation and pricing (Global Survey 2005, Executive Report)
Sand Hill: Hybrid
PDF 11/05 ENG
A Hybrid Strategy for On-Demand Success
Deloitte: Growth
PDF 11/05 ENG
Insights from the Deloitte Consulting Sales Executive Forum
SandHill: ChangeSW
PDF 11/05 ENG
Time for a New Software Model
McKinsey: Better B2B
PDF 06/05 ENG
Better B2B selling
SandHill: CIO
PDF 11/05 ENG
Dealing with CIO reality
Maurizio: DigitalUnited
PDF 10/05 ITA
Digita Divide o United Digital?
SandHill: Innovation
PDF 10/05 ENG
Innovation: The Next New Thing
SandHillcom:SAS Ecosystem
PDF 10/05 ENG
Mainstreaming the On Demand Revolution
SandHillcom: Staying
PDF 10/05 ENG
5 Secrets to Staying Power
McKinsey: OilCompany
PDF 10/05 ENG
National Companies:The right way to go abroad
Gartner: MagicQ B2B
PDF 09/05 ENG
Business to Business SW Market Gartner Magic Quadrant
MS: PiccolaRete
PDF 09/05 ITA
Realizzazione di una rete senza fili in un piccolo ufficio
SandHill: ASP
PDF 09/05 ENG
New VC Rules for On-Demand Software
SandHill: TechSpending
PDF 09/05 ENG
Software's New Economic Drivers
SandHillcom: Finance
PDF 09/05 ENG
Consolidation? What Consolidation?
SandHillcom: Options
PDF 09/05 ENG
The Options on Options
SpencerStuart: NuovoCEO
PDF 09/05 ITA
You're in Charge - Now What? Sviluppo dell’Agenda Strategica
McKinsey: IT Leaders
PDF 08/05 ENG
What IT leaders do
PWC: ICT alignement
PDF 08/05 ENG
Strategic alignment alone is not enough
McKinsey: IT Vendor
PDF 06/05 ENG
Building stronger IT vendor relationships
PDF 04/05 ENG
You're in Charge - Now What? Shape your management team
Mau: Andamento ICT
PDF 01/05 ITA
Analisi sull'andamento del mercato ICT in Italia
McKinsey: CuttingCost
PDF 01/05 ENG
Managing overhead costs
Maurizio :Allargamento
PDF 11/04 ITA
Allargamento del portafoglio prodotti o allargamento del mercato di riferimento?
Maurizio:Multicanalità Integrata
PDF 11/04 ITA
Banche e la multicanalità
Maurizio: Market vs Products
PDF 11/04 ENG
To develop more products or to reach more markets?
Maurizio: 7Pilastri
PDF 09/04 ITA
7 golden rules for Application Outsourcing
Maurizio: IT Ottimismo
PDF 08/04 ITA
Ottimismo fuori moda?
Maurizio:ROI e SLA
PDF 06/04 ITA
Perchè non presentare una offerta con parte del prezzo vincolato al raggiungimento del ROI stabilito col cliente?