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tra_decisionmaking.ppt (1,2M)

Decision Making .(English)

System Thinking used in decision making

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tra_sixsigmaTQ.ppt (0,1M)

SixSigma Total Quality .(English)

An Introduction to Six Sigma Quality

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tra_chaos_dummies.ppt (0,4M)

Chaos for Dummies .(English)

Simple explanation of chaos and fractals.

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tra_sixsigma6a.ppt (1,7M)

SixSigma College of Science .(English)

Statistical Methods

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tra_diagnostic.ppt (2,0M)

Diagnostic .(English)

Diagnostic and Constraints Theory

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tra_sixsigmaGBP.ppt (0,8M)

SixSigma GBP .(English)

Continuous Quality Improvement Purchasing Justification Process

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tra_sixsigma12k.ppt (0,1M)

SixSigma .(English)

12 Key Requirements For Six Sigma Success

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