Sales and Marketing (6/11)
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Selling Innovation .(English)

Delivering Innovation in Sales & Fulfillment

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Get Off My Case .(English)

Case Interview Prep Presentation

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Entreprenurial Selling .(English)

An entrepreneur is someone who pursues business opportunities, beyond known resources, to create wealth.

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Effective Selling .(English)

Why suggestion selling is important. The rules for effective suggestion selling Specialized suggestion selling methods. The concept of relationship marketing and how it is related to the sales process

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Personal Selling .(English)

Standard Pat statements and refined sales pitch. Good for rookies, uniform for mgmt. No listening. Need Satisfaction. Lots of careful questions to find opportunity Problem–Solution. Full analysis of customer needs

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Building Trust .(English)

Building Trust and Sales Ethics

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Personal Selling .(English)

Integrated Marketing Communication: Personal Selling and Direct Marketing

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