General Interest (23/26)
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gen_climatechange_2.ppt (3,3M)

Climate Change .(English)

Climate Change and Health With special reference to risks facing small island–states

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gen_communication.ppt (0,6M)

Trend in Communication .(English)

Global trends in communication

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gen_graduateeducation.ppt (0,5M)

Graduate Education .(English)

National and Global Trends in Graduate Education

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gen_outlookuniversity.ppt (2,9M)

Outlook University .(English)

The State and University Budget Outlook

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gen_neonatal.ppt (0,3M)

Global Trend in Neonatal .(English)

Global trends of neonatal, infant and child mortality: implications for child survival

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gen_outlookclimate.ppt (0,5M)

Outlook Climate .(English)

Challenges of Linking Forecasts to the Field: A Practitioner’s Experience Building Regional Climate Outlook Forums in Africa

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gen_globaltelecom.ppt (0,1M)

Global Telecom .(English)

Global Telecom trend

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