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PptTube is a public site to exchange presentations (MS "PowerPoint" or OpenOffice"Impress") allowing you to better and faster prepare your own work ("Learning by Examples"). You are invited to upload your PPTs and make them available to all other worldwide people. This site doesn't have any commercial purpose; it's just for open and free knowledge exchange.                                 Maurizio Ammannato

PptTube Policy
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- PptTube has the right not to upload specific presentation

Our Mind
- 100% is what you think before speaking
-   90% is what really you say
-   70% is what your audience straight away understands
-   60% is what people remember at the end of presentation
-   50% at the end of the meeting
-   25% at the end of the day
-   10% after 2 months

-     5% after 3 months
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                                           UN - International Standard Industrial Classification
A: Agricolture, Forest & Fishing               B: Mining & Quarrying                      C: Manufacturing                         D: Electricity,Gas,Steam,Air

E: Water supply,Sewerage                     F: Construction                                G: Wholesale&Retail trade          H: Transportation & Storage
I: Accomodation & Food                          J: Information&Communication        K: Financial & Insurance              L: Real estate
M: Professional & Scientific Services       N: Administrative & Support             O: Other Services                        T: Households as employers
U: Extraterritorrial Organizations

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