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Minimate .(English)

Live the digital life in stylish simplicity.

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com_WinFS.ppt (0,8M)

WinFS .(English)

WinFS: Product Development Experience

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com_ProductDecision.ppt (0,2M)

Product Decision .(English)

Product and Service Classification System

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com_wdk.ppt (1,5M)

WDK .(English)

The WDK for Engineering Managers and Product Planners: An Introduction

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com_cataloguing.ppt (1,6M)

Multilingua Catalog .(English)

Multilingual Cataloguing of Product Information of Specific Domains: Case Mkbeem System

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com_consumer.ppt (0,9M)

Consumer Products .(English)

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

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com_plm_model.ppt (1,1M)

PLM Model .(English)

Drives product lifecycle management model (PLM)

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