Maurizio Ammannato - Free Windows Programs
v 3.0 ValmaBar ProgramsBar with full collection of Internet Programs (browser,FTP,P2P,TTS,Messaging, etc.) 1,8 MB
v 1.1 ValmaMonitor Internet IP connection on-line monitor. Total bytes sent/received, instant line speed in KByte/sec and Mbps 1,9 MB
v 2.0 TellMe Speech recognition utility. Unzip it, execute setup.exe and lauch it. TellMe resides in memory and once activated, it converts into speech any text you have just highlighted. (Microsoft TTS SAPI engine, comaptible with MS and AT&T Natural Voices). Full documentation on how to get TTS Engines and Voices. 1,8 MB
v 1.0 Aida In one program you get both Windows Explorer (local resources explorer) and Internet Explorer. 2,6 MB
v 5.0 MauDial Dialer (modem) program wich allows you to launch automatically the preferred program with preffered parameter, once connected. 2,0 MB
v 6.0 ShowPPT Substitute SHOW PowerPoint function . Build your PPT presentations using PowerPoint as usual, but show them using ShowPPT. Add extra functionalities and multimedia files to you presentation! 4,5 MB
v 1.2 Otello Nice Internet browser, based on MS Internet Explorer kernel, full of options, 100% of PC screen available for Internet navigation while in "Full Mode". But mainly it has a well organized 100 tables of your favorite URL addresses, each of them with its own Table Title (i.e. Business, Fun, Games, Holydays, Private, etc.) and an infinite number of favorite URLs (http//......) you can add, change or remove. Each row in the Favorite Table has: URL Title, URL Address, ID and PW (if passwored page) and Comments. 2,6 MB
v 1.2 OGM Preview mails on POP servers, remove spamming, load automatically allowed mail addresses into a WHITE LIST, finally once unwanted mails have been removed on servers , execute your preferred mail program (i.e. Outlook) which now receives OGM (Only Good Mails) 3,3 MB


">v 1.1 OtelloDBG Otello version customized for Debug Company. 2,6 MB v 1.1 OtelloAlba Otello version customized for Albacom Company. 2,6 MB v 1.1 OtelloSF Otello version customized for SalesForce Company. 2,6 MB v 1.1 OtelloTeli Otello version customized for Telindus Company. 2,6 MB