Emotional Videos

Hard times are true. They are here and they will be always here. You see all life may be freaking painful. Pandemics, people leave, dreams get crushed, someone you love changes, goals get shattered. The hard times bring you pain but you got to realize those times are not here to stay. They are here to pass. And those are the times when you are down on your knees, that real growth happens.

However, when evil is rampant, grace abounds.

See the hard times as opportunities for growth. People don't understand what or why your situation is hard. They don't. But remember…that's ok. You do. You know darkness. But you know light as well. Else you would never know that there was light. Hold on to the believe that you are going to see it sooner rather than later. That should put a smile on your face.

In those tough days, hold on to that one person who listens to you, who probably cannot make the storm go away but can keep you warm until you can stand on your own feet. You will be happy.

Life is a series of peaks and valleys. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. But it’s the difficult times where we need a little more support and guidance. It’s how you respond in your moments of defeat that really defines the type of person you are. 

When you can improve your ability to navigate the difficult times, you not only live a happier life, but you also grow as person. Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the 'hero' within us is revealed.

Sure, we would all love to live a life that is free from pain. We all want to feel good and be happy at all moments. But as you know, this is not possible. But what is possible is having the choice of what you do with the pain. Many people who go through unimaginable pain were able to turn their pain into something positive. They teach others and spread light in the world as a result of their pain and sorrow. You can do the same thing, too.

When everything is going well, do not forget those who suffer; while walking happily down the street, do not turn your face away from who is asking your help; make that phone call; wipes a tear; make a caress; arouses a smile.

They will give you great joy and will be written in your Book of Life.

Ing. Emeritus Maurizio Ammannato